Other Projects

The Times Group is a comparative new entrant to the real estate and construction industry of South Gujarat. However, we have already created a stir in the sector and among property buyers and investors through our unique, exclusive and path-breaking project offerings.

In the last one and half years, The Times Group has executed several highly successful projects – both commercial and residential, and is now in the process of undertaking it’s most prestigious project since inception. Here’s what we have achieved so far...

Times Square, Vesu
The very first foray of The Times Group into real estate development came in the form of an exclusive landmark project – Times Square, Vesu. Located in the prime location of Canal Road, Vesu, Times Square occupies an enviable position as a commercial project. It is situated at a key juncture of the 200” wide Canal Road, giving it access to two major arteries and avenues of foot falls. International quality design, highly attractive elevation, full frontage, extremely spacious and thoughtfully created office and commercial premises make Times Square, Vesu one of the most successful and sought after projects in the area.

Times Square, Vesu holds the distinction of being fully booked on the day of its launch in February 2016… a feat not easy to achieve for a project launched by a new entrant into real estate development.

Times Luxuria, Vesu
The Times Group made their entry into the luxury residential apartments market of Surat with Times Luxuria, a project that is redefining the meaning of luxury living in one of the most sought after locations in the city. Designed to be fully compliant with actual Indian auspicious “Vastu” Shastra, Times Luxuria is an ultra-modern high rise apartment condominium. It boasts of world class international amenities and facilities that set it a world apart from competition.

Though it is their very first residential offering, The Times Group has spared no expense in making Times Luxuria a benchmark of residential construction splendor. Eye-catching elevations, exotic landscaping with water bodies, dozens of unique facilities have been clubbed together to provide a royal ambience for future residents of this ultra-luxurious project.

Times World, Althan
Moving out of the VIP Road / Vesu area and yet remaining in close proximity, Times World is a fresh commercial offering from The Times Group. Located on the bustling and happening Althan Canal Road, Times World brings together the best of two worlds – shopping and offices spaces in a single project.

Designed to be a green building, Times World sports a terrace garden, a unique feature for any commercial project in Surat. With a 3-dimensional staggered frontal elevation, Times World is a highly eye-catching project. It will also be playing host to the Surat edition of Times Club and will be home to Surat’s biggest Vatika and Banquet Hall. Construction on the project has already started.

Times Universe, VVIP Road
Continuing with their tradition of siting their projects in prime locations, The Times Group’s fifth project was launched in late 2016 just off the ultra-premium VVIP Road. Situated in close proximity to the Bhagwan Mahveer College, Times Universe is a commercial universe in its entirety.

Featuring superbly designed office premises and shops, Times Universe is one the very first commercial projects close to the newly created VVIP Road. As with all other projects by The Times Group, Times Universe speaks volumes about its class through its overall design, architecture, and host of unique features and amenities.

Times Club
The most prestigious and undoubtedly the most ambitious launch by The Times Group has come in the form of Times Club, which they have launched through their subsidiary company – Times Heaven Club Pvt Ltd. Bringing together the best of two distinctive concepts of the hospitality industry, Times Club offers members benefits of a club and time-share hotel rolled into one.