Times Club Pattaya

Gorgeous sun-kissed beaches, a rocking nightlife and fun-filled activities - all the makings of a fantastic tourist destination. Pattaya brings together all of these and more, making it one of the most visited relaxation and recreation spots in the world. There are few locations around the world that can match the charm and allure of Pattaya.

This coastal city in Thailand holds equal attraction for families as it does for single, pleasure travelers who come here to enjoy its throbbing nightlife. For the more adventure oriented, Pattaya offers a host of activities including water sports, scuba diving, and hiking, among others. Thailand of course, is just as well known for its unique shopping delights as it is for its tourist attractions, and the same can be said to be true of Pattaya as well.

All of these sights and pleasures are now easily accessible to members of Times Club with the all new international presence of your favourite lifestyle club. Times Club now has strategic tie-ups with as many as five exclusive hotels and resorts in this most beautiful beach town. This means our valued members now just need to catch a flight to enjoy the beauty of Thailand.