Times Club Travel Desk

Traveling is undoubtedly one of the best ways of getting to know the world first hand. It is also a great way to find your own self. Traveling can help you relax, rejuvenate and relieve you from stress and boredom. However, planning your travel, especially a holiday, can sometimes be a nightmare… what with tickets to be booked, hotels to be finalized, and conveyance and other facilities to be checked out.

A membership with Times Club though, can take away all of these hassles. Being a Times Club member gives you so much more than just membership to one of the best and most luxurious clubs in the country; it is a membership to a world of benefits and facilities. Times Club offers its members exclusive excess to a range of travel and holiday planning options through its Travel Desk.

Here are just some of the facilities our Travel Desk offers you...

  1. Travel Bookings: Be it private taxis, buses, trains, flights or cruises, we have the travel experts on our team who can take care of all of these bookings for you. Just let us know the destinations, domestic or international that you want to include in your holiday itinerary.Our friendly Travel Desk team will take care of all your bookings, choosing the best, most convenient and cost effective modes of travel to get you to your holiday destination and back.
  2. Hotel Bookings: With a Times Club membership, you already have some of the most luxurious properties available to you for your holiday stay. However, just in case you are traveling to a destination that does not have a Times Club or an associate member property available, our Travel Desk can offer you some exceptional options. With exclusive rates, select rooms, and surprising package deals, Times Club Travel Desk can definitely make your holiday stay a thoroughly memorable one.
  3. Local Travel Itinerary: Visiting a new holiday destination but not sure what are the attractions you should not be missing? Leave it to our Travel Desk to design your local travel itinerary and make sure you are checking out all the important places. We can even arrange for a car with a personal guide if you need one.
  4. Group Bookings: Holidays are all the more fun when taken with friends and family. But taking all of them along needs tons of planning and organizing. Leave it to Times Club Travel Desk to get it all put in the perfect shape. Right from getting your entire group together for the start of your holiday, to the travel, the stay, and the sightseeing, our Travel Desk will work it out and offer you a package that is a dream.

At Times Club, you and your dreams are our priorities. We take it upon ourselves to arrange every facility, provide you every luxury that you, as our valued members deserve. The Times Club Travel Desk is just one of the many special arrangements we have made for the convenience of our members. Whatever you travel needs, talk to our friendly Travel Desk executives today.