Times Club Bangkok

Asia is a land steeped in culture, tradition and history; no other city in Asia embodies it as perfectly as does Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This bustling megacity traces its roots back to the 15th century, and has seen many kingdoms and rulers come and go. A major cultural center of the Buddhist religion, Thailand is dotted with lovely shrines, temples and places of worship that beckon visitors to explore and enjoy.

An awe-inspiring combination of the modern and the traditional, Bangkok is home to more than 20 million residents – one third the population of Thailand. It has also been regularly rated as among the top tourist destinations in the world; in 2016 it was ranked the no. 1 tourist city, attracting more than 21 million visitors. These figures are not surprising, especially in light of the multi-faceted attractions and sights offered by Bangkok.

The most notable of Bangkok’s tourist attractions include major Buddhist temples such as Wat PhraKaew and Wat Arun; the Erawan Shrine; the Grand Palace; and also the Jim Thompson House museum. The massive Reclining Buddha, featured in many documentaries and movies, is part of the famed Wat Pho temple, also one of the highlights of Bangkok.

With so many sights to attract, Bangkok has long been a preferred destination for Indian tourists. Times Club now brings this world tourism destination to our exclusive members with an established presence in town. On offer are some of the best hotels and accommodations, which allow our valued members to enjoy the vibrancy and allure of Bangkok from up and close.