Times Club Bali

Bali, Bali, Bali… the island of the Gods. The home of the most beautiful beaches and the bluest waters on earth. The beloved travel destination of millions of tourists from virtually every country in the world. Bali is paradise on earth. It is filled with natural beauty that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. It is also home to some many ancient temples and shrines that speak volumes of the rich heritage of this Indonesian archipelago.

A holiday in Bali is a treat for all the senses… it virtually soaks into your skin and body, permeates into your senses, and leaves you with a sense of calm and peace that lasts far beyond the duration of your vacation in this serene paradise. From towering cliffs, to crystal clear lagoons, dense tropical rainforests, and modern urban sprawls – Bali has it all. However, the most striking feature of Bali is the all prevailing sense of timelessness that can be felt in every corner of the group of islands that make up Bali.

Capturing this very essence of Bali, Times Club has created its serene presence on this beautiful paradise with a number of tie-ups. Comfortable rustic resorts, modern spas and everything in between, Times Club members now have many choices to spoil them while vacationing in Bali. Come explore Indonesia and the tourist capital of the world – Bali – with Times Club, and carry back memories for a life time.