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The land of Lord Krishna, Dwarka. The ancient and historical town that boasts of a rich history spanning more than 5000 years. A city of temples, devotion, and culture. Dwarka is also a town of beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. Times Club is proud to present its members a chance to visit this charming place of pilgrimage with the addition of its own property – Times Club Dwarka.

A complete hotel with all modern amenities, Times Club Dwarka is located a short distance from the famous Dwarkadhish Temple. The name “Dwarka” has been derived from “Dwar”, which means gate. An ancient port that flourished nearly 3000 years ago, Dwarka was considered to be the entry or gateway to the main land of Gujarat and India. In much the same way, Times Club Dwarka is your gateway to this holiest of towns in Western India.

Immerse yourself in the divine and devotional environment of this beautify little town as you go around paying obeisance to Lord Krishna at the Dwarkadhish Temple, Lady Rukmini at the Rukmini Devi Temple, and the Sharada Peeth of Adi Shankracharya. Dwarka is one of dhams of the famed “Char Dham” yatra or pilgrimage that all Hindus expect to undertake once during their lifetimes. It also has one of the most attractive beaches in Western India, teeming with aquatic life and natural beauty.

Times Club Dwarka boasts of many facilities that will ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay for tourists and pilgrims alike. The 23 rooms in the hotel are spacious and have been sumptuously furnished with all modern amenities. Two exclusive penthouse suites afford splendid views of the Dwarkadhish Temple and ideal for families or those seeking a more luxurious stay.

Guests also have exclusive access to the terrace, from where they can take in the serene beauty of their surroundings, and spend evenings relaxing in the fresh, cool climate of Dwarka.The multi-cuisine restaurant is a great place to explore varied dining experiences, while the attached room-service kitchen is always ready to serve hot meals in the comfort of your room.

As a fully owned Times Club property, Times Club Dwarka offers first choice access to all Times Club members. Non-members too can book rooms with Times Club Dwarka directly via the website. When clubbed with a stay with Times Club Associate Partner Lords Inn Somnath, Times Club Dwarka offers the perfect combination for a luxurious and relaxing holiday in the hinterlands of Saurashtra and Gujarat. So go ahead and plan you holiday with the right mix of pleasure and devotion… Book you stay with Times Club Dwarka today!

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